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The Qualicum Beach Area Newcomers Alumni (QBANA) is an independent, non-profit club formed in 2004 by former members of the Qualicum Beach Area Newcomers Club who wished to continue their activities once their two-year Newcomer’s membership had expired. The purpose of QBANA is to meet and make friends and continue friendships through recreational, social and special interest activities.

Our Activities page includes a wide selection of activities to stay active and meet new people.


Think you might be ready for a change? All QBANA members are welcome to suggest a new interest group and help get it started. It can be any size, from two who share an interest to 30 or more.

Here are a few ideas that might spark some interest.

  • Concerts and theatre outings
  • Museums and gallery tours
  • Arts and crafts eg. knitting, sewing, embroidery
  • Brunch or dessert and coffee
  • Drawing and painting
  • Film or podcast discussions
  • Euchre or scrabble
  • Food, fitness and health
  • Ladies golf
  • Helping our community
  • Pizza and beer
  • Wood carving
  • Writing and publishing
  • Or any other activities you are interested in pursuing

If something is of interest talk to one of the Executive to help get the ball rolling.

Be sure to read the President’s Welcome and the Membership page for details on becoming a member.

QBANA Next Meeting  —  St. Stephen’s Church Hall

Tuesday January 28th 

SPEAKER:  The speaker today is from the Qualicum Beach Streamkeepers


1. Wednesday, January 29th – Banish the Winter Blues Games Day QB Rotary Hall is the venue. Games will begin at 3 pm. Dinner 6 pm. Meat and vegetarian chilies, scones and breads, (some gluten free)  salads and desserts.

Cost: $20
Contacts: Lorraine Vermeulen or Lynn Cindric

2. Tuesday, February 25th – Shrove Pancake Tuesday with a serving of Trivia
Breakfast at the Thalassa Restaurant. Meal to include:  pancakes, bacon, fruit, OJ, coffee/tea. When you arrive at the restaurant you will find a Trivia sheet at your table to feed the brain’s appetite. Increased stress levels should lead to a need for increased food intake.  Bring on the  pancakes! Trivia continues.

Cost: $13.00
Time: 9:00 am
Contact: Lynn Cindric

 3. Tuesday March 10th-  Glory of the Night Skies

Rotary Hall at 10:00 am. Ticket price  $15

Lecture by David Prud’homme 10 to noon with a break mid session.                                                                                                                                        Full Full sandwich lunch to follow after lecture. All items sourced from Q.F.                                                                                                                              Coffee/tea/water will be available

Contact: Lynn Cindric or Ian Robertson

Ladies’ Lunch: Wednesday February 5th at 12:00 noon

The February ladies lunch will be at Chameleons in Parksville. Feb 5th  12:00 noon

Contact persons Ruth Harding or Beryl O’Sullivan

Men’s pub Lunch: Wednesday Feb 5th 11:45 am

The February Mens’ Pub Lunch will be at the Black Goose in Parksville

Contact:  Lewis Vermeulen

Check out the gallery page on this website. If you have photos of recent events please forward them to Clive Arthorne.