Car Rally 10 May 2018

Car Rally – Thursday, May 10

Tickets: $30 included lunch (including tea, coffee, GST and gratuities).  Allergies and gluten free options were accommodated. Drivers were given an allowance for gas

Start time: 8:45 am at Ravensong Aquatic Centre, Qualicum Beach. Each car had 3 or 4 people in it and were released at 5 min intervals.  Detailed instructions were given for the Navigator and for the Observers who had to pick up on the clues. Driving the route took about  2 hours with 91 questions to be answered along the way.  Extra challenges including noting all bridges and railway crossings plus a trivia quiz of 50 questions.  Final destination at the restaurant for a soup and sandwich lunch.

Prizes were awarded for wining teams.

Altogether a challenging and entertaining event.

Contact persons: Lorraine, Lewis, Kathy, Pam and Kent