July 21st 2016 Frances Barkley cruise


A great day for a  Summer West Coast cruise. A day trip from Port Alberni to  Bamfield. The boat left Port Alberni at 8:00 am on Thursday July 21st.  One hour was spent in Bamfield, returning to Port Alberni at 5:00 pm. The ship is also a working freight boat with interesting stops along the way.

The Galley on board served breakfast, sandwiches, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

Ticket prices were adults – $70, children 8 to 15 – $35, children 7 and under were free.

It was a blue sky day with calm water.  We had to twist and turn a bit to avoid all the fishing nets being used in the inlet. A visit to the floating post office and freight handling for a pallet of concrete and some other drop offs provided interesting side lights.  Overall a wonderful trip.

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