WildLife Recovery Centre 19 June 2024

1240 Leffler Rd, Errington
Wednesday, June 19 at 10:00 am
Tickets: Special Group Rate: $12.50 plus tax = $13.12

11:30 am leave Centre for Lunch (on your own tab) at Trees
Restaurant and Bakery, 1385 Alberni Hwy, PK
Deadline date for signing up: Friday, June 7
To sign up and make arrangements for payment, contact:
Lee Teal, Ph 250-752-2500
or Alice Dueck, Ph 250-947-0245, or
etransfer to Alice Dueck

We will meet in the parking lot at the Centre.
There will be a guided group tour for 45
minutes after which you are free to explore the
site, buildings and gift shop. We will leave the
Centre for lunch at 11:30 am.
There are nature walks and picnic tables and
benches scattered around the grounds where
people can rest and take in the beauty of the