Echo Theatre 17 July 2024

Echo Theatre: A Grand Time in the Rapids
Wed., July 17 at 7:30 pm. Price: $24.00.

This hare-brained tale is set in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1959. A newly arrived English
widow has a very delicate disclosure to make to her brand new beau – and she arranges for
an etiquette expert to help her down this tricky path. At first it starts out well but soon
things get out of hand – four solid doors are slammed, drinks are tossed, identities are
mistaken – and the action moves at a very tidy clip. These are eccentric people in eccentric
situations and the dialogue peels off like a 1940’s cocktail party – frightfully polite but
with Oscar Wildely twists.

Sign up by: July 8
Dinner prior 5pm, Giovanni’s (Your own tab)
Sign up at QBANA Meeting Tuesday, June 25 or contact: Lee Teal, Phone 250-752-2500;
or Alice Dueck, Phone 250-947-0245.